Despro ITS

Industrial Design of ITS offers 4 years Undergraduate Programs in field of Product Design and Visual Communication Design. Our aim is to form design professionals with eminent of work ethics, critical and visual thinking, creative, insightful science technology mastery, as well as the communication and managerial skills. Our courses are developed in a comprehensive and conceive learning by doing process, on a balance of theory and practice.

Industrial Product Design
Industrial Design applies innovative concepts to solve the problem and the need for functional objects with aesthetic approaches, ergonomics, technology, socio-cultural and economic to create value for improving the quality of human life.

Visual Communication Design
Visual Communication Design focuses on the processing of visual language as a communication tool to create compelling messages, information and imaging, with social or commercial purposes through the media.

Menjadi pusat unggulan pendidikan, riset dan pengembangan desain industri dan industri kreatif di Indonesia yang bertaraf internasional.

Menyelenggarakan pendidikan, riset dan pelayanan masyarakat dalam bidang desain produk industri dan desain komunikasi visual dengan keunggulan pada teknologi, komunikasi dan manajemen untuk melayani kebutuhan industri, komunitas, masyarakat dan pemerintah